Mix and Match Hijab Styles As Needed


With the development of social media and the growing fashion world, today’s hijab styles are very diverse. It doesn’t matter what your face shape is or what your sense of style is, you can still find the right one based on various needs or situations.

However, it is not an easy task to choose a hijab that fits your desired criteria. Hijab The Fustany.com site summarizes recommendations for mix and match hijab styles as needed.

boho style 

This style may not be liked by everyone, because it requires certain outfits or accessories. Usually, the boho style ranges from one bright color to a colorful one with few or many embellished motifs. For those of you who have an artsy or indie soul, this style that embraces the gypsy vibe is perfect for you.

Evening dress 

Usually, evening gowns don’t need a splashy pattern or color. Only wear one color outfit plus hijab. You can also try a different colored hijab with a dress, but don’t be too flashy. Choose a bright or dark color is not a problem. You will look elegant walking in the middle of the party carpet.

Casual/formal outfit 

Hijab that is worn tightly and neatly fits perfectly with this style. Use clothes with bright or natural colors that will make you look classy, luxurious, awake, and exclusive like a celebrity.

Casual everyday style 

This style is probably the most common and familiar and simple. Loose wraps are the perfect choice for casual wear as they give you more freedom of movement and at the same time allow you to enhance your look with a few accessories.

Sporty style 

A variety of hijabs are usually best suited to this style. You will most likely be wearing a jumper/shirt and sneakers. Unisma The sporty style also allows you to wear a hijab that is tight or loosened so it doesn’t get hot. Currently, various kinds of sporty hijab brands are also on the market. So there is no reason not to exercise.

Loose OOTD 

Many modern hijabers prefer loose OOTD because it will provide air space and good circulation. There are many combinations you can use. One of them is culottes along with an oversized sweater. Don’t forget flat shoes to make it look more feminine and trendy.

beach clothes 

A summer-style vacation to the beach requires an OOTD that doesn’t make you hot or stifling. Hijab So, choose hijab and OOTD materials that are certainly comfortable and cool, so that you are free to take photos on the beach. If you are interested, wear an outfit that has a floral or colorful pattern.